Job Applicant FAQ’s


Before coming to our clinic for adult vaccinations, please call one of our clinic locations to ensure that your specific vaccination is available. If the vaccination is not available, we will be able to refer you to places that do offer your specific vaccine(s).

Q: May I send my resume via email?
You may upload your resume through our website application process. You will need to attach your cover letter, resume, and any additional information that is requested, such as a copy of your transcript or any license required for the open position.
Q: Can I come in and pick up an application?
You may upload a cover letter, resume and any additional information requested for jobs that we currently have open on our website.
Q: Can I send in my resume for you to keep on file for future openings?
The Oklahoma City-County Health Department only accepts resumes online for current openings.
Q: I have applied for previous openings. Do I need to resubmit the cover letter, resume, and all attachments?
You must provide all required documents requested in the position opening. You may check your application record to verify if information requested such as an official transcript has already been provided.
Q: Does your agency administer a typing test?
Typing tests are not administered at OCCHD. Typing tests are available at workforce oklahoma or through an employment agency. The typing test must be certified by a witness. Typing tests taken online via the internet are not considered valid.
Q: What is the process for selecting the applicants for an interview?
The process is based on job duties, responsibilities, education level, years of experience required, and the essential functions of the job. A qualified candidate may not be selected for an interview due to the large volume of qualified applicants.
Q: How long will it take before I hear anything after i am interviewed?
The process can vary anywhere from two weeks to a month. The applicants will either be notified by email or phone.