Facility and Nuisance Complaints


The Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD) is only able to investigate complaints in Oklahoma City limits and Oklahoma County. OCCHD investigates a wide variety of complaints regarding the public’s health and safety. Click here for information and handouts about common pests of public health concerns. Some of the various types of complaints we respond to are:

  • Food establishment complaints
  • Foodborne illness complaints
  • General nuisance complaints
  • Insect and rodent problems
  • Stagnant bodies of water that breed mosquitoes
  • Bad odors coming from a property
  • Excessive animal feces
  • Single and multi-unit housing complaints
    No utilities at the property, causing a public health hazard
  • No heat at a rental property
  • No air conditioning at a rental property (only if there are no screens on the windows)
  • Daycare center complaints
  • Hotel and motel complaints
  • Hutch/kennel complaints and inspections
  • Animal bites and rabies incidents
  • Emergency response to natural and man-made disasters


Who can help me with mold in an apartment or a rental situation?

Currently there is not an Oklahoma government agency that is responsible for mold complaints.

What causes mold? What are some solutions?
What does 'stagnant water' mean?

Stagnant water is water that is not circulating and can lead to breeding mosquitoes. Just because water is green does not make it stagnant. Also, if it is a natural body of water, OCCHD does not work these complaints.

Who is responsible for insect and rodent problems in housing situations?

In a single family residence the Owner and/or Occupant are responsible for the existing problem:

  • Example A: If you are renting a single-family residence and you have a rodent/insect problem in your residence, you are responsible for the problem, not the landlord.
  • Example B: If there are insects or rodents coming out of a single family dwelling that is affecting the surrounding public, it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of the nuisance.

In a multi family residence (4-Plex or more), it is the responsibility of both the Owner and Occupant. The owner is required to have some sort of extermination policy for the property. The Occupant is required to keep their personal property clean enough not to affect the surrounding tenants.

What constitutes 'excessive' animal feces?

Excessive refers to animal feces to cause odors or a fly problem to the surrounding neighbors.

Can the OKC-County Health Department help me with a sewage problem?

If there is visible sewage inside of a structure of a single family or a multi-family dwelling (4-Plex or more), then OCCHD will work the complaint. If there is visible sewage outside of a structure, then the complaint is taken care of by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). You may file a complaint with ODEQ by calling (800)522-0206 or by visiting their website.

Does the OKC-County Health Department look at complaints about concerns for the welfare of children, elderly persons, or anyone else living in an environment that may cause harm to them personally but not the surrounding public?

These types of concerns are worked by Oklahoma Department of Humans Services (DHS). To file a complaint, please visit their website or call (405) 521-2779


As our customer, we value your opinion and need your input to help us better serve the citizens of Oklahoma County. Please email [email protected] with your comments and suggestions. You may also send your comments and suggestions to:

The OKC-County Health Department

Food Safety & Environmental Health
2400 NW 36th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Please let us know the name of your inspector or the address in which you filed the complaint on.