Farmers Markets FAQs



Before coming to our clinic for adult vaccinations, please call one of our clinic locations to ensure that your specific vaccination is available. If the vaccination is not available, we will be able to refer you to places that do offer your specific vaccine(s).

Do I need a license if I produce honey?

According to Oklahoma Senate Bill 716, Honey producers that produce less than 500 gallons of honey per calendar year, may qualify for a license exemption. Review Senate Bill 716 for additional requirements.

What about shelled and unshelled nuts?

Any unshelled/cracked nuts must be unshelled/cracked at licensed processing facility. Unshelled nuts must be properly labeled for sale. Any unshelled, unlabeled nuts may be embargoed by the department.

Whole, raw shelled nuts are considered whole produce, and can be sold by the grower without obtaining a state health department license.
Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory disease and is known for uncontrollable, violent coughing which often makes it hard to breathe. After fits of many coughs, someone with pertussis often needs to take deep breaths which result in a whooping sound. Pertussis most commonly affects infants and young children and can be fatal, especially in babies less than one year of age.

OCCHD does offer pertussis (whooping cough) booster shots for adults.

Can I sell frozen meats at the Farmers Market?
Meats must be kept frozen, in a mechanical refrigeration unit on the retail mobile unit. The refrigeration unit must be kept in the mobile unit/truck, and may not be held at a separate point of sale.
Is shucking allowed at the Farmers Market?
Any shucking (corn, black-eyed peas, etc.) must done by a licensed processor in a licensed facility.
What about labeling of processed foods?
All processed, packaged foods for sale must be properly labeled per regulations, or else are subject to embargo.
Can I sell home-baked goods at the Farmers Market?

Beginning November 1, 2017, home baked goods produced under the Home Bakery Act are allowed to be sold at Oklahoma Farmer’s Markets.

Can I sell/buy raw milk at the Farmers Market?

Under the State’s Raw Milk Ordinance, the sale of raw, unpasteurized milk is allowed only at the dairy, and cannot be sold off the premises. Information on the dangers of unpasteurized milk can be found on the CDC website