Licensing Requirements for Farmers Markets


The two licenses available at farmers markets are the retail mobile license and the seasonal license.
The seasonal license is for selling non-TCS foods and unshelled/uncracked nuts. The seasonal license is valid for 180 days at a single location. The fee is $250 and can only be issued once per year.
The retail mobile license is a mobile license that can be used throughout the state of Oklahoma. The vendor is allowed one table to sell from and the mobile unit must be kept on the premises of the point of sale. TCS foods must be maintained at temperature using mechanical refrigeration, and the unit must be operating and in the vehicle at all times during the market and transport to and from the market. The mobile retail license is $425 for the first year and $335 for renewal each thereafter.

Farmers Market Licensing Chart (PDF)


Vendors at Farmers Markets within Oklahoma City may also be required to obtain a license from the city to sell their product. Any vendor selling whole produce, milk, eggs or butter from their own farm will not be required to obtain an OKC license for selling these products at Farmers Markets. Those that sell “altered foods” (processed) such as jams, cheese, salsas, bread, etc. will be required to obtain a license from the city (either a prepackaged food sales license and/or outdoor sellers license). Any vendor selling goods bought/consigned from another grower/producer will be required to obtain one or more OKC licenses. Contact the Oklahoma City Licensing Division at (405) 297-2606 for details and for obtaining a city license. Oklahoma City will not license a vendor until he/she has been approved by an inspector of the OKC-County Health Department. Some vendors may be denied licensure by the city because the area they wish to sell at is not zoned for such use. The vendor is responsible for checking with the city zoning office, (405) 297-2623, concerning the location(s) where they intend to sell.

OKC Licensing