Massage Establishments and Licenses


The State of Oklahoma has approved a law (O.S. Title 59, Section 4200.1-2) titled the Massage Therapy Practice Act. In accordance with this  law, as of August 26, 2016, the City of Oklahoma City will no longer issue Massage Therapist and Off-site Massage licenses. The City will issue licenses through August 25, 2016, and after this date Therapist will go to the State Cosmetology Board to get licensed. Those who have a Massage Therapist or Off-site Massage license, issued by the City of Oklahoma City, that expires after August 25, 2016, will not be required to renew the license with the City.

The City of Oklahoma City will continue to issue and renew MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENT LICENSES ONLY. 

Please contact the State Cosmetology Board for licensing process, questions, and concerns at:

For more information regarding Massage Establishments and Licenses, please contact the specific Program Coordinator