Healthy Food Retail

Healthy Food Access

Obesity is one of the biggest threats to Oklahomans’ health. Poor health outcomes can be prevented through healthier lifestyles and food choices.

Oklahoma County faces many unique healthy food access challenges in urban and rural areas. Small stores play a critical role in helping Oklahomans buy healthy foods. The TSET Healthy Living Program works in small stores in underserved communities to help give residents more access to healthy foods to help improve their diets.

When small store owners increase the availability, quality, and affordability of healthy choices, customers are more likely to eat healthier. Nutrition education and customer outreach can also boost the demand for healthy foods.

There is a trend nationwide of small stores adding healthy products to their shelves. Locally owned and big chain stores are increasingly providing the healthy products that their customers are looking for.

The TSET Healthy Living Program provides free assistance to local small food retail store managers who would like to improve the nutritional profile of their stores. All assistance is customized to the individual store- including an assessment of what the store is already doing and tailored recommendations for improvements which can be made.


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Healthy Food Access