Seasonal Food Establishments


For information on HB 1772 allowing multi seasonal license for snow cone stands that sell hot beverages in addition to snow cones please click here


Seasonal Food Establishment, such as a snow cone stand, is a facility that is open no more than 180 consecutive days at one physical address per year. These establishments have special requirements for their construction and are also limited to serving specific food products. All establishments must be inspected and approved before opening, while new construction and renovated establishments must first submit the application for plan review. If you are interested in opening a seasonal food establishment, or have any questions, please contact OCCHD.

Seasonal Food Establishment/Snow Cone Stand Construction Guide



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Q: Are there seasonal food establishment/snow cone stand requirements and where can I get them?
Yes. Please download our Seasonal Food Establishment/Snow Cone Stand Construction Guide for more information.
Q: How long does it take to get an inspection once I meet all the requirements?

It depends on the inspector in your area and what they have scheduled.

Q: How old do you have to be to work in a seasonal food establishment/snow cone stand?

The legal age that is required by the Department of Labor.

Q: Can we use a Portable Potty for a restroom?

No. There must be a letter from a nearby facility with a fully functioning restroom stating that you can use their facility while you are in operation.

Q: Can we open our stand without the Food Protection Manager's Certificate?

Yes. We allow at least 30 days to receive that certificate if you do not have one at inspection time. If you own more than one snow cone stand, each stand must have its own certificate. For more information about the Food Protection Manager’s Certificate go to Food Protection Managers Certification.

Q: If my stand is new, do I need a plan review?

Yes, you must have a plan review for a new snow cone stand. The cost is $425 dollars for the plan review.

Q: Can seasonal food establishment/snow cone stands operate year round?
See information on Multi-Seasonal Licensing.

For questions about snow cone stands or related information, please contact the specific Program Coordinator