Cities & Government

City and Governments is one of the four sectors run by the Oklahoma County Healthy Living Program. This sector specifically focuses on three key areas: healthy food access, active living and transportation and tobacco free city owned property. See below for further details about each area of work.

Healthy Food Access


Oklahomans typically don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, which are vital components to a healthy diet. Our program works with cities as well as store owners to improve the access, quality and affordability of healthy foods.

We see this need going beyond grocery stores, so we conduct outreach to small store owners in food deserts to serve the most vulnerable populations. Click here to learn more about this specific project and how to get involved.

High Blood Pressure Exercise


According to The State of Obesity, 32.8% of Oklahomans are obese. This can possibly lead to several preventable illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Promoting active living and transportation is key to decreasing obesity rates and improving overall health.

Our program works to get people outside and back into their communities with an emphasis on physical activity, such as creating bike lanes, Safe Routes to School for children, trails, playgrounds, and other amenities.

Tobacco Free City


The risks associated with tobacco use, for both the user and those around them, are numerous. Quitting tobacco is the best thing a person can do when working to lead a healthier life. These are some of the reasons cities are passing tobacco free ordinances for their property. Passing an ordinance encourages employees and citizens to lead tobacco free lifestyles in parks, around city buildings, and in other city areas.

It can also inspire them to make the choice to become tobacco free all together. These efforts, along with providing cessation resources to help people quit, can make a positive impact on citizens’ lives and helps promote health in the community.

Not only do we offer ordinance development tailored to your community with tobacco-free city-owned property ordinances, we also offer assistance with other tobacco policies in other areas, including:

  • Updating enabling ordinances to mirror state policy to purchase tobacco products at 21
  • Tobacco retailer zoning ordinances
  • Retailer Education Visits – see for information we provide during the visits.