Coalition Work

Are you or your organization interested in making a difference in the health of people living in Oklahoma County?

If you are, the Wellness Now Physical Activity and Nutrition Workgroup and/or the Tobacco Use Prevention Workgroup could be for you. After learning more below, email [email protected] for more information.

tobacco use prevention

What is the Wellness Physical Activity and Nutrition Workgroup?

The Wellness Now Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) Workgroup brings together different sectors in the community with the sole purpose of improving the nutritional profile of food and to increase the opportunity for physical activity in Oklahoma County. The Workgroup hopes to achieve its mission by sponsoring programs related to the area of physical activity and nutrition. This year the Workgroup hosted an Action Based Learning Lab for schools in Oklahoma County as well as sponsoring several races and community events. This Workgroup also provides support for the TSET Healthy Living Program.

What does the Tobacco Use Prevention Workgroup do?

The Wellness Now Tobacco Use Prevention Workgroup’s mission is to reduce tobacco use in Oklahoma County while decreasing or eliminating the number of youth who begin using tobacco. Approximately 17 percent of Oklahomans living in Oklahoma County are smokers.

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Why is Tobacco Use Prevention Important?

Smoking costs Oklahomans approximately $1.62 billion a year in health care costs. Bear in mind that the amount listed does not include the negative effects of secondhand smoke, fires caused by smoking, smokeless tobacco use, or cigar and pipe smoking.

Why should you join this Workgroup?

The Tobacco Use Prevention Workgroup allows you the opportunity to work with different organizations in Oklahoma County on tangible projects to decrease tobacco use. This fiscal year the Workgroup hosted the Great American Smokeout in November, and promoted a week long media campaign in January to encourage individuals to quit smoking. The Tobacco Use Prevention Workgroup supports the work of the Oklahoma County TSET Healthy Living Program.

nutritional and active living