Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teen Pregnancy Prevention


The main goal of OCCHD’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program is to reduce teen births in the Oklahoma City-County area by using evidence-based programs to change behavior. These behaviors include:

  • Delaying the onset of sexual activity
  • Increasing condom or contraceptive use for sexually active youth
  • Reducing pregnancy among youth

The TPP program helps to increase awareness of healthy behaviors by helping teens focus on:

  • Setting goals and decision-making skills
  • Consequences of risk-taking behaviors
  • Myths and facts about pregnancy
  • Techniques to respond to peer pressure, including refusal and negotiation skills

 We also have lessons that focus on healthy relationships, adolescent development, healthy life skills, risk reduction strategies, and communication skills.

Our TPP team has collaborated with other public and private agencies in the Oklahoma City area that promote teen pregnancy prevention.



OCCHD has coordinated several multi-year teen pregnancy prevention grants funded by the HHS/Office of Population Affairs, including:

PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program)

The HHS/Family & Youth Services Bureau awards grants to state agencies to educate young people aged 10-19 on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS.
OCCHD coordinates the Oklahoma County program for the state PREP grant to replicate effective, evidence-based programs that have been proven to reduce pregnancy and STIs among youth.

Project REACH (Reproductive Health to Achieve Community Health)

OCCHD is the grantee and coordinating agency for the 3-year Project REACH collaboration that provides evidence-based programs, peer education, health promotion activities, and links to teen-friendly health services. Teen emPower! and Variety Care Teen Clinic presented evidence-based health education programs at middle and high schools in three metro school districts. Over 5,000 middle and high school students participated in health education programs, health care services, or other youth leadership and learning activities during the 3-year project (July 2020- June 2023).
Evaluations conducted by the Health Promotion Sciences Department,Hudson College of Public Health at the University of Oklahoma have documented the impact and success of Project REACH. For highlights of Project REACH in action, click here.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Replication Project (Tier 1B). OCCHD coordinated a collaborative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Replication Project from 2015-2020 that involved numerous partners and was funded by the HHS/Office of Population Affairs. The project expanded evidence-based, comprehensive sexual health education in school and clinic settings; created linkages and access to teen-friendly health care services; and engaged community organizations, parents, and young people in critical issues For the evaluation summary report, click here.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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