Health at School


Health at School is a free program provided by the OKC-County Health Department to schools in Oklahoma County. Health at School is a multi-disciplinary team made up of health promotion specialists, community health workers, and social services specialists.

We are partnered with specific schools for three years at a time, and provide education, coordination, consultation and support to increase health and wellness at each school. We are currently partnered with the entire Millwood School District, and eight Oklahoma City Public Schools: Arthur Elementary, Coolidge Elementary, Green Pastures Elementary, Greystone Elementary, Parmelee Elementary, Prairie Queen Elementary, Taft Middle School, and Wheeler Elementary.


Health at School utilizes the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community Model (WSCC) model to assist schools in creating and maintaining a healthier school environment.

The WSCC is made up of ten inter-connected components that work together to increase health.

  • Health Education
  • Nutrition Environment and Services
  • Employee Wellness
  • Social and Emotional School Climate
  • Physical Environment
  • Health Services
  • Counseling, Psychological, Social Services
  • Community Involvement
  • Family Engagement
  • Physical Education and Physical Activity


Schools are in a unique position to influence and improve the health of our youth. Ninety-five percent of young people spend six hours or more a day in school. This translates into 13 critical years of their physical, social, psychological, and intellectual development.

The academic success of youth is strongly linked to their health. Science has shown that healthier students have a greater ability to concentrate, lower absenteeism, better productivity, fewer discipline problems, higher test scores, and better classroom participation.

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