Childcare and Summer Camps Vaccination



The Child Care Inspection Program focuses on health and safety concerns of child care facilities, summer camps, part-time and school-aged facilities.

Child care inspection is completed upon DHS request or when requested by the child care center for City License renewal. Areas of inspection emphasis are on food safety and sanitation, hand washing and hygiene, and condition of the building and grounds. Inspectors also work with Disease Surveillance/Investigation Program to implement disease control in institutional settings. Other services provided include openings and closings of child care facilities and camps, complaint investigations, guidance with lead abatement concerns, and education for child care center directors and staff.



Before coming to our clinic for adult vaccinations, please call one of our clinic locations to ensure that your specific vaccination is available. If the vaccination is not available, we will be able to refer you to places that do offer your specific vaccine(s).

Q. I am interested in opening a day care in my home. Who do I need to contact?
A. If you are wanting to care for 7 children or less, you need to contact Childcare licensing at the Department of Human Services Childcare Licensing Division at (405) 521-3561. If you are wanting to be licensed for 8 or more children you need to contact the OKC-County Health Department at (405) 425-4347 and the Department of Human Services Childcare Licensing Division.
Q. I am only going to care for 1 child, do I need a license?
Yes, if you are receiving money for the care of the child.
Q. I would like to file a complaint against a child care. Who do I contact?

If the complaint is about food, unsanitary conditions, or vermin you can contact the Oklahoma City County Health Department at (405) 425-4347. If it involves any other concern you need to contact the Department of Human Services Child care licensing division for the county the child care is located in. If you have concerns about child abuse, please call the child abuse hotline (1-800-522-3511) in addition to the above numbers.

Q. I think there is an illegal child care in my neighborhood. Who do I report this to?

This can be reported to either the Oklahoma City County Health Department at (405) 425-4347 or the Department of Human Services at (405) 521-3561.

Q: My City License is expired or soon to be expired and there has not been a recent inspection by the Health Department. What should I do?
OCCHD only does inspection by request from DHS or the child care center. If child care center’s city license is expired or will expire soon, please contact us to schedule an inspection at (405) 425-4347.


Residential Child Care Facilities are regulated by Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Child Care Licensing. OCCHD Consumer Protection Environmental Inspectors perform routine kitchen inspections at licensed Residential Child Care Facilities at the request of OKDHS.

For more information of Residential Child Care Facilities contact OKDHS.
(405) 521-3561
(800) 347-2276

For questions, please contact the specific Program Coordinator