Hotels and Motels

Hotels and Motels

Hotels are inspected at least once a year, or more frequently if complaints are received regarding the sanitation condition at the facilities. Hotels must meet certain requirements to be licensed, such as clean and proper linens on beds, proper linen storage, separate clean and soiled linens, housekeeper carts properly stocked and maintained, and sufficient lighting, ventilation, and toilet facilities.

If more than continental breakfast is served, a food license must be obtained. According to the Oklahoma Lodging Code (OAC 310:285-3-14), continental breakfast is defined as any or combination of the following foods:


  • Beverages like coffee, tea, and fruit juices
  • Pasteurized Grade A milk
  • Fresh fruits
  • Frozen and commercially processed fruits
  • Baked goods like pastries, rolls, breads and muffins, which are non-potentially hazardous foods
  • Cereals
  • Jams, jellies, honey, and maple syrup
  • Pasteurized Grade A creams and butters, non-dairy creamers
  • Commercially manufactured hard cheeses, cream cheese, and yogurt

Hotels in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County are regulated by the Oklahoma Lodging Code (OAC 310:285). Hotels in Oklahoma City are also regulated by the Oklahoma City Municipal Code, Chapter 13, Article VI, in addition to the Oklahoma Lodging Code.

For information regarding Lodging Facilities, please contact the specific Program Coordinator